Frequently Asked Questions

What is’s mission? is a wellness resource for the military community. Our mission is to help service members, their families, and veterans overcome common adjustment problems following a deployment.

What resources are available on
The resources and exercises on address post-deployment challenges, including: post-traumatic stress and triggers; conflict at work; re-connecting with family and friends; depression; anger; sleep problems; substance abuse; stress management; kids and deployment; spiritual guidance; living with physical injuries; health and wellness; and much more.

The developers have strived to build a media-rich, fully interactive Web site. There are assessments, testimonials, forums, blogs, and workshops.

Who can use this Web site? 
The content on is directed at service members, their families, veterans, and health care providers. However, the Web site is available to anyone with a computer and access to the Internet.

What are the benefits of signing up? Will I need to give personally identifiable information when I sign up?
Users who sign up can take full advantage of the interactive workshops, save their work, track their progress, and participate in community forums. Signing up is easy, and can be done anonymously.

We understand that maintaining your privacy is extremely important. When you sign up, you will not be asked for personally identifiable information such as your name or social security number.

Does this Web site take the place of in-person care?
No. The information, tools, and exercises on are not intended to substitute for in-person consultation or advice from a health care professional. The voluntary self-assessments serve only as guides to help users better understand their concerns.

Can I use if I’m also working with a health care provider?
Yes. You can tell your health care provider that you’re using’s self-guided resources and invite your provider to visit the Web site.